Interior designing

Interior design is making the best possible use of the available space – be it any space. We give it a creative touch and detail that never allows any eyes to settle in one place.

Modular Kitchen

If you can’t stand the heat, get out of the kitchen. Introducing to you, the finest designs, variation that you can ever find considering the fact that kitchen is the heart of the house.  


Wallpapers not only adds a glam quotient to your walls but are also easy to apply. Say no to plain monotonous walls. Instead have wallpapers that are exclusively designed for you and lives with you for lifelong.


Be it office, residence, hospital or any space – nothing can cover your windows as a blinds can. The best and decorative blinds to suit your needs.

False ceiling

Let’s all look up! False ceiling serves more than a mere interior. It is functional, covers all fixtures, wiring and faults of ceiling and aesthetic.


One has a choice to select from our exclusive designer collection of laminated wooden flooring for their residence artificial grass for terrace garden.

Renovation work

Why have just curtains, when you can have artistic and attractive one. Specially handpicked for you.

Glass and PVC films

Glasses have replaced most of the walls in modern design. The most astonishing uplift that any room can have. Bricks are outdated , get it modern.