About Us

We exclusively work on the plan, design and remodeling of an existing structure too.

BS Interiors was started by the foresightedness and creativity of MR. Balasubramanian . Since 2018 we have set a benchmark for innovation and design in the market. We mainly concentrate on step by step approach of Planning, Designing and installation.

Interiors is all about making the best possible use of the available space and We take pride in – calling ourselves the ‘designers’ / ‘Innovators’ / ‘Trend-Setters’. Importantly, we excel in it-The art of designing, creating and bringing it into realities. We excel coz we love what we do.

We are doing this service with great experience and knowledge in this field from the basic so that its shows our growth improvement in this Interior Designing field.

We will promise to our clients while getting the house key for the awesome interior work and we made that promise true while handover the key.
We have a unique customized design for each client with more options based on their budget and requirement and making the best possible use of the available space.

We design elegant and aesthetic residential interiors.This is our passion. We love designing beautiful homes that would be remembered forever. We love doing this over and over again. Being a small team of friends and professional colleagues at the same time, a lot of bureaucratic noise is avoided. Things happen faster and we work many times faster than any other interior design company.